May 16, 2012

Chelton Self Storage Reports Extreme Success with Storage Unit Auctions

Chelton Self Storage now holds personal storage unit auctions and is happy to report that their auctions are extremely popular in the Colorado Springs area.

Chelton Self Storage now holds storage unit auctions and is happy to report that their auctions are extremely popular in the Colorado Springs area. The facility held two storage unit auctions in the last three months: on May 5 and March 10, 2012. “We are excited to see such enthusiasm for abandoned storage units here in Colorado Springs,” says facility manager John Cruz. “Folks have seen what amazing finds are available in the storage unit auctions on TV and now they want a piece of the action.”

On March 10, the personal storage facility had around 50 people show up with storage units selling for an average of 50-100 dollars. In May over 80 members of the public were present, and the buyers were much more aggressive and eager to find their own treasure. Personal storage units sold on average from 200-300 dollars each. These auctions were both advertised locally in the Thrifty Nickel. Those who frequent yard and garage sales are all potential buyers. In addition, everyone has the potential to make money on a storage unit.

More and more self storage facilities are using the storage unit auction business model to make extra money, clear out storage units, and publicize their business. Abandoned personal storage units are a common occurrence at self storage facilities. Customers will leave town, abandon their storage unit, or simply neglect to pay their bill. In order to make up for lost revenue, self storage facilities sell the units in auctions that are open to the general public.

Those bidding on the personal storage units can only see the unit from the outside before bidding. These auctions have been known to house lost treasures including rare record collections, jewelry, cars, and even cash. Even self the average storage unit can make money for an investor. Items like furniture and housewares can be sold for a profit through re-sell. The storage unit facility hosts a blog that updates readers on rare and unusual storage unit finds, in addition to storage news and information.

Chelton Self Storage hopes to hold another storage auction in the near future. The date depends on the amount of abandoned storage units available. The facility, located near Peterson Air Force Base in south Colorado Springs, prides themselves in their low storage unit prices and excellent customer service. For more information about storage auctions and their unbeatable storage unit rates call toll free 866.530.7545 or visit

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