April 26, 2012

NoCo Gold & Diamond Now Selling Engagement Rings, Giving Cash for Diamonds

NoCo Gold & Diamond is now selling engagement rings in addition to offering cash for diamonds. They also tell how to sell diamonds to jewelry buyers.

NoCo Gold & Diamond is proud to announce that as of May 1, they are selling engagement rings in addition to offering cash for diamonds. Now, clients can skip the big jewelry stores and start the quest at NoCo Gold & Diamond when searching for the perfect engagement ring. This trusted online establishment gives cash for diamonds and his rings in stock at great discounts. They have a great understanding of the value of precious stones and ring settings. The experts at NoCo Gold & Diamond know that even with the perfect proposal and ring, engagements still fall through. They have purchased all varieties of rings ranging from hot new styles to vintage and antique designs. NoCo Gold & Diamond is in business to buy and sell gold, silver and diamonds and with no physical store front to maintain they are able to offer their customers the best prices on their inventory.

Knowing how to sell diamonds and how to buy diamonds involves understanding the market and this double-edged source of information gives NoCo Gold & Diamond a unique perspective in the jewelry business. With the knowledge they have acquired throughout their 25 years in business, NoCo Gold & Diamond is now publishing a guide to aid customers shopping for engagement rings. A consumer might wonder why they should purchase from jewelry buyers who give cash for diamonds instead of a department store. The answer to that is that jewelry buyers and their profits depend on knowing how to sell diamonds and they have a vested interested in keeping inventory moving.

An engagement ring is an investment in the future and can often be a bigger expense than first realized. NoCo Gold & Diamonds are jewelry buyers and their business of purchasing unwanted diamonds, gold and silver can help. A man in love and on a budget who spends the time looking through old watches and trinkets to sell makes out far better than the man who spends every penny he owns on a brand new ring. Saving money on a ring does not mean purchasing an inferior product when it's purchased from experts who know how to sell diamonds.

NoCo Gold & Diamond offers the same style and quality found in bigger stores for half the cost. Visit their online store at www.nocogoldanddiamond.com and make an inquiry via their fill in form or listed phone number. A relationship may lose its value over time but diamonds do not. Getting cash for diamonds is a great way to pass them on to those who appreciate their value. Visit them online at www.nocogoldanddiamond.com or call 970-658-0488.

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