April 30, 2012

NoCo Gold & Diamond Aids Non-Profits through Gold Parties Fundraisers

NoCo Gold & Diamond, a leader in the jewelery buyers industry, is now offering Gold Parties Fundraisers to raise cash for gold for your favorite non-profit.

NoCo Gold & Diamond, a leading buyer and seller of gold, silver, and diamonds, is excited to announce a new Gold Parties Fundraisers Campaign for non-profits. If you are looking for a way to raise money for your favorite non-profit organization, NoCo Gold & Diamond is here to help. With gold, precious metals, and diamonds prices soaring, now is a perfect opportunity to sell your unwanted gold and put the money towards a good cause.

Invite all of your friends, family, and co-workers to a fundraiser gold party and tell them to bring their unwanted gold, silver, diamonds and other jewelry. You can host a party anywhere in the northern Colorado area. One of NoCo Gold & Diamond certified jewelry buyers will assess the weight, purity, and value of your guest’s items. In addition, they will help you set up for the gold party. At a regular gold party, hosts get 10% of the total amount sold, and everyone walks away with cash. Gold Parties Fundraisers are great for raising a large sum of money—the organization of your choice gets 10% of the total amount sold plus all of the profits that the sellers would have made.

Gold Parties Fundraisers present a perfect fundraising opportunity for churches, temples, schools, sports booster programs, medical research programs, hospitals, relief efforts, or anything else. They are so easy to throw together! Invite everyone from your email contact list, post the provided flyers form NoCo Gold, and call or text your local friends. Make sure you let them know instead of receiving cash for gold, this party’s proceeds are donated to a good cause. Prepare snacks and beverages ahead of time to entice people to come. Create a theme to add to the fun: “Pot ‘O Gold”, “Gold Digger”, “Treasure Island”, “Arabian Nights”, “Casino”, “Old Hollywood”, “James Bond Goldfinger”, and “Western Gold Rush” are great places to start.

If your guests simply cannot attend your gold party fundraiser, they can still join in the fun. When it comes time to get cash for gold, NoCo Gold & Diamond makes the process easy. Simply call them up and arrange a convenient time for one of their jewelry buyers to drop by your home, office or another location. They will give you cash for gold, silver, and/or diamonds. No more rushing around in your car to try and find the cash for gold jewelry location. Or, if you are still looking to donate the profits, NoCo Gold & Diamond will honor that request, as well.

NoCo Gold & Diamond has been making jewelry buyers transactions for over 25 years. As a leader in the cash for gold industry, Gold Parties Fundraisers are another way that this business is proving themselves as the established and credible jewelry buyers in northern Colorado. Help NoCo Gold & Diamond raise money for your favorite charity with one of their famous gold parties and call 970-658-0488 and visit www.nocogoldanddiamond.com.

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