May 25, 2012

NoCo Gold & Diamond Releases New Market Study: Divorcees Seek Cash For Diamonds

Gold buyers at NoCo Gold & Diamond reports that most of their customers are divorcees who need cash for diamonds to purge painful memories.

NoCo Gold & Diamond has recently conducted market research that illustrates some interesting results: most of their customers are divorcees who need cash for diamonds because those diamonds brought up painful memories of their old marriage. In an effort to support this demographic, NoCo Gold & Diamond has reached out to divorce-related social media support groups looking to aid those who want to get rid of their bad memories.

NoCo Gold & Diamond is able to provide the best deals out of all the gold buyers in Northern Colorado due to the lack of a physical storefront, so overhead costs remain low, thus these savings are passed on to people looking for cash for diamonds. This is possible because instead of owning a store, NoCo Gold & Diamond sends a professional gold appraiser to the house of an interested seller free of charge in order to determine the value of the jewelry. This value is based on several variables such as market price, purity of the metal, and weight. If the customer does decide to sell their jewelry, a check can be written immediately on the spot. The whole process only takes about half an hour per customer.

It is also possible to even increase the amount of cash a customer can earn through NoCo Gold & Diamond’s gold party program. All the customer has to do is set up a date to invite their friends over to sell old jewelry. Divorcees in the past have been known to throw a “divorce gold party” – where they purge bad memories with a night of fun with their friends, along with making some cash on the side. A representative from NoCo Gold & Diamond will then show up and appraise every person’s jewelry individually. If over five people decide to sell their gold, the host earns 10% commission of the total sale, as well as a free iPod touch courtesy of NoCo Gold & Diamond. NoCo provides free promotional posters as well as tips on their website in order to make sure the right amount of people attend.

NoCo Gold & Diamond is among the premiere gold buyers in Colorado, but what sets them apart from the competition is their competitive prices as well as their fun and lucrative buying methods. Hosting a gold party is a fantastic way to have a lot of fun as well as make some fast money. For more information on how to get cash for diamonds, call 970-658-0488, or visit their website at

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