March 13, 2012

Get Paid To Party With NoCo Gold

NoCo Gold & Diamond announces their gold parties where customers can get cash for gold jewelry and other items. They also sell gold online.

FORT COLLINS, Colo., March 14, 2012--A jewelry party can be profitable for everyone involved, thanks to NoCo Gold & Diamond. At this web-based company, customers can already buy and sell gold online for competitive prices. With the introduction of their innovative and rewarding gold parties, guests can get ready cash for gold jewelry, and hosts can turn a tidy profit. "It's a great opportunity for Northern Coloradans to have fun and make some money at the same time," says NoCo’s owner, Brian Kaplan.
Unlike traditional jewelry parties where friends are invited to spend money on products, NoCo's gold parties make everyone richer. Guests bring all their old, unwanted, broken and outdated gold, silver and diamonds to the gathering. After everyone is settled, a NoCo Professional Certified Buyer performs on-sight appraisals and pays guests for their offerings on the spot.
“We think gold parties are a blast,” explains Kaplan. “We set up these profitable parties so everyone leaves with cash and the host or hostess makes up to 10%. What’s not to like?” If a host invites 30 guests from whom the NoCo Appraiser buys $8,000 worth of gold, silver or diamonds, the host receives $800.00, and the party ends with everyone having more money than they started with.
The company makes it easy to have a gold party. Hosts complete a short form on the NoCo website and set a date. “What separates NoCo Gold & Diamond from other jewelry and gold buying businesses is we bring all of our services to homes, offices or any other place to make the customer as comfortable as possible," adds the owner.
It is easy to find guests because most everyone has at least something they can sell. Along with any kind of gold jewelry, guests can also bring gold coins, charms, dental and scrap gold, watches, gold wire, gold solder, loose diamonds, links, nuggets, bars, even sterling silver flatware and sterling serving pieces.
If a host has questions before the party, a NoCo Gold & Diamond buyer is available answer them. “We want to treat everyone fairly and with respect,” Brian explains. On the date of the party, the appraiser arrives before the party to help set up. Host can invite friends, family, neighbors and, unlike most jewelry parties, men will want to attend, too. Hosts are free to develop enticing themes that emphasize getting cash for gold jewelry.
Because NoCo has no physical location to maintain, they can pass the savings along to sellers in the form of higher payoffs. Guests who can't make the party can also sell gold online at NoCo and still get considerably more for their jewelry than they would at a pawnshop. Value is determined by current gold prices and by the purity and weight of the silver and gold. All carats are accepted.
NoCo Gold is confident their gold parties will be a huge success because everyone profits from the proceedings. With more than 25 years in business, NoCo Gold & Diamond is excited to provide this easy way to make extra money and to have a good time in the bargain.
NoCo Gold & Diamond is available to host parties, make purchases and sell items across Colorado. You can reach them at 970.658.0488 or visit their website at

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