April 09, 2012

Black & White Auto and Paint Purchases Collision Repair Equipment

Black & White Auto and Paint purchases a post hand-held MIG that puts a factory weld back into vehicles in need collision repair and paintless dent repair.

Black & White Auto and Paint of Colorado Springs, Colorado is pleased to announce the purchase of new, state-of-the-art collision repair equipment. The new piece of equipment is called a post hand-held MIG and it puts a factory weld back into vehicles that need collision repair. Black & White Auto’s owner, Rick Lujan says, “The purchase came at an opportune time. It is the beginning of our hail season here on the Front Range of Colorado, and we will need the hand-held MIG to repair the high volume of new automobiles in addition to repeat customers that enter our shop.”

The MIG cost over $20,000 and is the one of the best welders on the market. It has the capability to put factory welds back into cars that are in need of paintless dent repair by squeezing 600 lbs of pressure onto the seams. Black & White Auto specializes in applying cutting-edge technology to customer’s automobiles. “The post hand-held MIG was a great addition to our equipment,” Lujan, explains. “We hope it shows our customers that we are dedicated to bringing them the latest technology, and performing paintless dent repair on their vehicles in the best and most efficient way possible.”

The post hand-held MIG needs a group of specialized staff in order to complete projects. Black & White Auto’s staff are trained experts in the field of welding, auto repair and auto restoration. MIG is an acronym for “metal inert gas.” This welding process involves forming an electric arc between a wire electrode and the metals on automobiles. The wire then heats up the metals, causing them to melt and join together. The result is astonishing—this MIG restores damaged vehicles into the state they were in when leaving the factory. This highly technical process involves holding and handling hot metals by hand, making the auto restoration process a blend of science and art.

About Black & White Auto and Paint:
Black & White Auto and Paint of Colorado Springs, Colorado offers high-quality auto restoration, fiberglass repair and auto painting at highly competitive prices. The body shop utilizes paintless dent repair techniques to keep prices low and turn-around time fast. As a leader in their field, Black & White is a reliable and ground-breaking business in both their collision repair and customer service.

Contact: Rick Lujan, Owner, Black & White Auto and Paint, 719-634-6675, http://www.blackandwhiteauto.com/

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